1. U.S. Airforce Resident Guide - 2018
MDpocket U.S. Airforce Resident Guide - 2018 U.S. Airforce Resident Guide - 2018

U.S. Airforce Resident Guide - 2018

The MDpocket Resident Guide is a compact pocket medical reference for medical students, interns, residents, and faculty inside the U.S. Airforce. Carry this pocket reference with you while taking care of patient to improve your efficiency and medical knowledge. This pocket reference is designed for a more advanced level of training with detailed medical information on procedures, diagrams, and treatment algorithms. The 2018 resident guide is packed full of daily medical information designed to keep you efficient and includes information on the management of hypertension, anticoagulation, stroke, fluids, suturing, reading CXRs, treating many common medical conditions and performing procedures (thoracentesis, paracentesis, lumbar punctures).

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