Mdpocket about us specializes in provide the best pocket medical references, calipers, and clipboards for all healthcare professionals. Our line of products are specifically identified by our brand names MDpocket and WhiteCoat Clipboards with distribution to all major medical bookstores throughout the United States and Canada. Our online store provides students and professionals in healthcare a unique place to shop for great pocket gear to make them more efficient in their daily routine while taking care of patients. also specializes in providing customized solutions for many of its products to medical and healthcare organizations.

MedInfo, Inc.

MedInfo, Inc. (owner of has published professional academic books and reference guides in the field of medicine since 2005. Our publications include all medical specialties and subspecialties with an emphasis on educating all healthcare professionals including students, residents, and nurses. We specialize in providing customized references for programs, schools, residencies, and universities that educate our future healthcare providers.

MedInfo, Inc. owns trademarks for the medical reference line of pocket books known as MDpocket®, DOpocket®, and NPpocket®. Each reference guide is specialized for the respective field of medicine and includes the medical information used daily by today’s healthcare professionals. Our success has been supported by numerous students throughout the country who provide us with direct feedback and future direction to ultimately produce high quality quick medical reference guides. Our pocket references can be found in all major medical bookstores throughout the United States as well as via our website.

MedInfo, Inc. has other interests in supplying the best pocket medical equipment to improve its customers' efficiency and productivity. MedInfo, Inc. currently owns a number of patents for the WhiteCoat Clipboard line of folding clipboards carried by thousands of allied and medical practitioners throughout the world.


MedInfo, Inc. is interested in publishing books and reference guides that aid in the learning and education of all healthcare students and medical professionals. Our primary goal is to produce the most useful medical information vital to the continued growth of our customers. Our books and reference guides have helped thousands of students grow into their respective careers by providing a solid foundation of knowledge in an accessible format.

Areas of Interest

• Medical Student Education
• Resident Training Education (Medicine, Osteopathic, Pharmacy)
• Fellowship Training Education (all medical subspecialties)
• Nursing Student Training Education
• Nurse Practitioner Education
• Nurse Continuing Education
• Physician Continuing Medical Education

MDpocket Medical Reference Guide: Student Edition 1st Edition – 2005
MDpocket Medical Reference Guide: Student Edition 2nd Edition 2007
MDpocket Medical Reference Guide: Student Edition 3rd Edition 2012-2015
MDpocket Medical Reference Guide: Student Mini Edition 1st Edition 2013

The MDpocket Medical Reference Guide combines an accessible medical reference format with a compact pocket design. Our reference guides contain the most common medical information used daily by today’s students on rotations in medicine, surgery, pediatrics, family medicine, obstetrics/gynecology, neurology, psychiatry, and cardiology.

Designed specifically with the student in mind, MDpocket Medical Reference Guides provide examples on how to write orders, notes, and fluid calculations. In addition, numerous references walk readers through conducting a mini mental status exam, determining an APGAR score, screening for alcohol abuse, assessing cranial nerve lesions, and much more. MDpocket Medical Reference Guides are the best pocket medical patient care references available today.


DOpocket Medical Reference Guide: Osteopathic Edition 1st Edition – 2007
DOpocket Medical Reference Guide: Osteopathic Edition 2nd Edition – 2012-2015

The DOpocket Medical Reference Guide is geared toward osteopathic students, interns, and residents with specialized information that focuses on the osteopathic exam, Chapman reflexes, and osteopathic principles. These reference guides have been customized for various osteopathic schools and training programs throughout the country and contain great pocket medical information for all osteopathic students and residents.


MDpocket Medical Reference Guide: Resident Edition – 1st Edition – 2007
MDpocket Medical Reference Guide: Resident Edition – 2nd Edition – 2013-2015
MDpocket Medical Reference Guide: Student Mini Edition – 1st Edition – 2013-2015

The MDpocket Medical Reference Guide consists of resident-specific pocket books with more advance treatment algorithms, medications, and direct patient care information. This book was developed to give residents first-hand knowledge of how to care for patients on a daily basis. A great medical reference on any rotation.  

NPpocket Medical Reference Guide: Nursing Edition – 1st Edition – 2010-2015

The NPpocket Medical Reference Guide specializes in supporting nurses in their daily duties by supplying the most daily used medical information right in their pocket. Quick day-to-day references for medications that should not be crushed, tube colors for blood draws, and injection techniques are but a few examples of the medical information within this reference guide.


Other Publications

Concepts and Cautions in Electrocardiography – 2009
MDpocket A-Z Student Notebook – 2013
MDpocket A-Z Resident Notebook – 2013
NPpocket A-Z Nurse Notebook – 2013

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